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In-reply-to » How Google Authenticator made one company’s network breach much, much worse | Ars Technica

Also kind of curious how syncing to Google servers made this attack worse? Not that clear from the article 🤔

As I understand it: The attacker was able to compromise the Google account of that employee. That would have been pretty been in and of itself. Due to this horseshit “sync” feature, though, the attacker was also able grab all those TOTP seeds that can be used to log in to other sites.

What’s unclear to me is how the attacker got to the first factor (probably a normal password). That was probably fished separately? And/Or that employee used the same password everywhere? 🤔

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In-reply-to » Alright, so here’s a little recording on upright bass. It’s my current warmup piece, goes across all strings, different positions, stuff like that.

(I’m still waiting to have my next lesson. Dude’s busy as heck. 😂)

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Alright, so here’s a little recording on upright bass. It’s my current warmup piece, goes across all strings, different positions, stuff like that.

(I should try to put more emotion into it, I guess, but I was too focused on not screwing up the recording. 🤪)

It started out as an improvisation over C minor and A# minor, then I tweaked it a little bit and wrote it down:

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Had a very surreal experience the other day.

We had another big thunderstorm. First of all, there was so much lightning again. 😳 Is this the new normal now?

I watched the show for a while. At some point, I saw red and green lights in the sky. Ah, an airplane, I thought. Then I noticed that it’s moving downwards. Is that thing crashing? Omg, it’s coming down! The thunderstorm was still going strong, so who knows, maybe this really was an accident. It went down faster and faster – and theeeen I noticed, wait, this is coming down very close to me, but I don’t hear anything.

It must have been a little drone. 🥴

Still, very confusing, the whole thing. 😅 And who in their right mind is standing on an open field in the middle of a thundersturm flying a drone? 😅

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(Years ago, in very cold winters, I used to jokingly remark: “Why, oh why did our ancestors move this far up north? Couldn’t we have just stayed in Africa?” Now I’m beginning to understand. 😂)

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In-reply-to » After having used st as my main terminal for a while now:

After having applyed that performance patch, I’ve used nothing but st. It works just as fine for me as xiate does. The only thing that it doesn’t support is colored emojis – but come, they’re not that important (to me).

I’m beginning to think that xiate’s days might be numbered. I don’t want to worry about GTK shenanigans anymore.

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In-reply-to » Glad to see that this Wayland protocol exists: Sysadmin stuff, yeah. I admit that it’s not strictly necessary to have this feature. I could do it all through config management. But sometimes it’s just easier and faster to do things interactively, like searching in logs or temporarily editing DNS zone files. And for that, multipass is great. Also, I sometimes build test setups on local VMs (I like to use QEMU like crazy 😅) and I don’t bother adding those to config management.

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In-reply-to » I guess I'm read for bed. Instead of grep -rin foo I just typed rm -rf foo. What the heck, brain!? O_o Luckily, I just caught it before hitting Enter. I punch in ls all the darn time. 😂 Maybe it’s not even a bad habit. At the shell, you better make sure you’re operating on the correct set of files before issuing rm * (or grep -r, for that matter 😅). But I admit that I do it a bit compulsively, yeah.

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In-reply-to » Moon and Jupiter this morning. 🤔 Yup! Jupiter is huge. You don’t need crazy equipment to see the moons. 😃 I think the legend goes that if you have really good eyes then you can’t just see them with your bare eyes. (My eyes suck, I don’t have a chance, so I don’t really know.)

The difference in brightness is much more challenging. I was surprised that I could capture both Jupiter and the Moon in one photo at all. 😲

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