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In-reply-to » Google Steps Up Microsoft Criticism, Warns of Rival's Monopoly in Cloud Alphabet's Google Cloud on Monday ramped up its criticism of Microsoft's cloud computing practices, saying its rival is seeking a monopoly that would harm the development of emerging technologies such as generative AI. From a report: "We worry about Microsoft wanting to flex their decade-long practices where they had a lot of monopoly ... ⌘ Read more

@slashdot@feeds.twtxt.net wowee, pot-kettle-black Google!

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In-reply-to » Tinder Owner Inks Deal With OpenAI An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: In a press release written with help from ChatGPT, Match Group announced an enterprise agreement with the AI chatbot's maker, OpenAI. The new agreement includes over 1,000 enterprise licenses for the dating app giant and home to Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Hinge and others. The AI tech will be used to help Match Group employees with work-related tasks, the compa ... ⌘ Read more

@slashdot@feeds.twtxt.net just what the dating app world needs, more robots…

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