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@prologic@twtxt.net This is undoubtedly why I went away from Hugo, Pelican, WordPress and co and wrote a small, for my needs, blog software. I also learned a lot about the Flask Framework, which I can now use to enhance our apps at work and make my boss happy. I would have chosen Go, but it was not the chosen product at work, so, sorry. KISS principle. Like almost everything in the *nix world. A small tool for a small thing. Chain it with others if you need more.

The pull-only model seems to work nice. You have multiple social networks, each one with its own unique audience. Pull things from others into your when you want.

From my point of view, I think twtxt and yarn are good as they are. The protocol s nice, easy and clean afaik. The surrounding software, makes it what it is today. Multiple clients, each having it pros and cons. The only thing I am missing is some sort of media manager for my uploaded images to yarn.social. But that is specific to this implementation and has nothing to do with the twtx protocol.

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