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@darch @justamoment@twtxt.net @bender@twtxt.net Something is a bit off with where the “Logout” button now is and the top-right “Profile” button. Can you guys try to collaborate on this? I just have this feeling… The new profile view is nice, but something is a bit off with the UX, several times I’ve tried to find the “Logout” button and keep forgetting where it now is 🤣

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@prologic@twtxt.net Would it make more sense to put it under Settings? I think it is a waste of space to have a dedicated icon in the topnav for something that most people would not be using on a daily basis.

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@darch@neotxt.dk personally I haven’t looked at the logout until now but to me it feels weird to have it where I’d expect a follow button.

I think having it on the main menu is not so bad.

A solution I can think of is having two split set of menu, one for navigation (with hamburger on mobile) and one always visible (profile) with maybe the logout and settings on the same level.

Haven’t put much thought here right now, but maybe literally splitting the UI with a second bar could help with the accommodation of those buttons, on mobile one can even become a bottom navbar, always visible and thumb friendly.

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@justamoment@twtxt.net no idea for mobile (yet). But we could also use different colors for the logout. Like we used to have a secondary (grey) color for settings and logout, before I came in and messed with the css 😅

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